Flirting with the unknown

Brazilian, male, and that's all you need to know, fuck. I'm just a freak kid in early twenties trying to figure whats life is all about, maybe i will get lucky and realize stuff that i wouldn't imagine to do or maybe i'll just live with what i have, because in the end that is all that matters, bro. Don't wait on me to change if you still not willing to. I'll get it someday, someday i'll be free of all of this without a quick blink, i'll be fucking known to all you lowlifers who don't do a shit. And i'll be living life and getting all of this. So, let me dream until i reach the dream, motherfucker. free web counter

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tuckyourchain →


tuckyourchain →

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by Sandeep Gupta


by Sandeep Gupta

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Balaton, Hungary (by Szabolcs Császár)


Balaton, Hungary (by Szabolcs Császár)

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